Monitoring WP 0
Monitoring WP 0
Leading partner
Teams involved
All teams
Constant monitoring of the work performed by the teams.
WP0 aims to facilitate the day-to day work, to ease the communications between teams and WP, to diffuse information to the participants, to monitor the relations with external advisors, to control the evolution of the work, to organize meetings, to manage intermediary reports, to organize final events, to manage the edition and dissemination of final results and documents, publication of an editing volume about the main results of the project
Description of work
Concerning external relations it includes the interactions with TASTE management, the relations with the steering committee and national supervisors as well as the management of relations with EU. Concerning internal relations, it includes the management of administrative and budget aspects, the use of NTIC for the monitoring of the teams, the creation of a website and the organization of skype meetings. The leader team will control the agenda, especially about the progress of the work for each team and of every WP, and will assess about the programmed tasks and their achievement. It will be also in charge of the organization of the general physical meetings (GM), be there for the program or for the administrative conditions (travels, venues, catering…). The pre-meeting (28th Nov. 2012) has been organized by the leader team. It will also be in charge of organizing the final conference, in Paris, in collaboration with the PSDR Program.
Introductory meeting, intermediary meetings, advisory meetings, intermediary reports, final report, valorization documents, final conference, editing book.
Milestones and expected result
  • M1: Four general meetings (Year 1, trimester 1(Brussels; kick off meeting); Year 2, trimester 1; Year 2, trimester 4; Year 3, trimester 3),
  • M2: Final conference, M3:Final report
TASTE is supported by the European Commission
and funding bodies in 4 countries
in the framework of FP7
European Commission FP7 Ruragri
Keywords Smart rural development - Land use and management - Innovative agriculture and business - Territorial governance
- Entrepreneurship - Rural Urban relationship

Scientific Coordinator : André TORRE (INRA) -
Project Manager : Frederic WALLET (INRA) -