Agriculture and territorial development – WP 3
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UNIMI - Pilot France: METAFORT
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Analysis of patterns of urban/peri-urban agriculture (UPA) and impact on territorial development.
Urban-rural relationship is balanced and functional when it is based on mutual benefit: the opportunities provided for the countryside by the city’s proximity and its markets and the functions that the countryside plays for the city. In EU metropolitan areas less than 20% of food is produced and marketed locally, while 80% comes from the global market. This situation leads to an unbalanced situation in which the potential of peri-urban agriculture is not fully exploited and its survival is compromised by urban sprawl. Moreover it can offer more welfare, services that go beyond the production of goods which rely to landscape and environmental externalities (management of water resources, protection of soils and landscapes maintenance of biodiversity…). UPA’s also provide multifunctional activities, such as rural tourism services, educational services, and conservation of the rural heritage. The two WP3 objectives are to identify the models of UPA’s and to evaluate the impact of these models on the trajectories of territorial development.
Description of work
  • 1. Identification of different types of sustainable urban/peri-urban agriculture through literature review and direct surveys in the case studies
  • 2. Definition of a set of indicators on the sustainability of forms of agriculture, to their success and transferability, in relation to territorial development;
  • 3 Analysis of existing agricultural policies (CAP, RDPs) in relation to agriculture;
  • 4. Interview s and surveys about local behaviors and shot food processes. 5. Estimation of the effects of the policies on sustainable urban/peri-urban agriculture with statistical and econometric techniques.
  • 3.1 Report on the different types of sustainable urban/peri-urban agriculture in each case study,
  • 3.2 Report on relationship between urban/peri-urban agriculture and territorial development,
  • 3.3 Report of suggestion of specific interventions with regard to CAP and in particular in relation to the RDP of each country or region, for the promotion of sustainable urban/peri-urban agriculture.
Milestones and expected result
  • M1: Definition of sustainable UPA’s patterns: collection of Best Practices of sustainable UPA’s and critical and shared definition.
  • M2: Identification of the effects of policies on territorial development: classification of effects of different policy tools on development of UPA’s.
  • M3: Roadmaps of good policy practices for UPA’s, proposals for amendments and integration of policy instruments in local and European policies.
Case studies
T3, T4, P8, P9, P11, P12, P13
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Keywords Smart rural development - Land use and management - Innovative agriculture and business - Territorial governance
- Entrepreneurship - Rural Urban relationship

Scientific Coordinator : André TORRE (INRA) -
Project Manager : Frederic WALLET (INRA) -