TASTE 14 case studies
14 Case studies
The TASTE project involves 14 Case studies for an in-deep analyze of the diverses configuration of smart rural regions in Europe.
Two types of case studies will be used
  • test case studies, selected in order to test our hypotheses at the local level. Located in various areas in the different countries involved in the project
  • pilot case studies, located in French regions. These case studies are more mature, , because they have already been studies by the French teams in the previous three years.

Test case studies
  • T1 - The Jönköping county case study (Sweden, WP4)
  • T2 - The Jämtland county case study (Sweden, WP4)
  • T3 - The Parco delle risaie area case study (Italy, WP3)
  • T4 - The East Ticino area case study (Italy, WP3)
  • T5 - The Styrian Vulkanland Region Case Study (Austria, WP4)
  • T6 - The Carinthian Lavanttal Region Case Study (Austria, WP4)
  • T7 - The Eastern Plaine de France case study (France, WP4)
Pilot case studies (France)
  • P8 - The Pays de Lunel case study (WP3)
  • P9 - The periphery of Toulouse case study (WP3)
  • P10 - The Landes County Case Study (WP4)
  • P11 - The SCoT du Grand Clermont case study (WP3)
  • P12 - The Seine et Marne case study (WP3)
  • P13 - The Thierache case study (WP3)
  • P14 - The Agrimip Toulouse Innovation case study (WP4)
TASTE is supported by the European Commission
and funding bodies in 4 countries
in the framework of FP7
European Commission FP7 Ruragri
Keywords Smart rural development - Land use and management - Innovative agriculture and business - Territorial governance
- Entrepreneurship - Rural Urban relationship

Scientific Coordinator : André TORRE (INRA) - torre@agroparistech.fr
Project Manager : Frederic WALLET (INRA) - wallet@agroparistech.fr